I know you, even if I were blind id know you! (darkside_star) wrote in irkenempire,
I know you, even if I were blind id know you!

sorry to steal your space kayleia sweetness to the ism

I have a small favour to ask of people? Im doing my dissertation on body modification, its visual messages and commercial implications for my degree and Ive been told I need to send out at least 500 surveys to get a decent and broad answer, so will you all copy and email it to people who will fill it in and either email it back to me or leave it as a comment on my journal. Please, please, please. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only hope!

Luv and hugs



All surveys are anonymous and treated as confidential!




Have you in any way modified your body? (whether it is just ear piercing or a small
tattoo, it is applicable)

If yes please give a brief description

Why did you decide to do it?

Are you happy with your body image or would you seriously consider undergoing
cosmetic surgery or other modification to alter your appearance?

What is your favourite body part ?(part of YOUR anatomy)

Is there any form of modification that you would like to see banned or do you believe that the individual has the right to modify there body as they see fit?

If you have not modified your body, are you opposed to the idea?

Do you think modification has lost its traditional and historical sense and been over
publicised by celebrities and the modern media?

Have you seen the use of piercings, tattoos etc in any form of advertising?

Does it bother you seeing any form of body modification on television, in magazines
or sported by “role model” celebrities?

Do you agree to celebrities flaunting body modification and do you think this
nfluences people to get tattooed or pierced

Thank you very much for your time and effort
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